Teopa: A Byzantine Artist You Simply Need To See

Chris Newton
Teopa at his Studio

Teopa, full name Theodoros Patrinos, is a professional Greek artist who specializes in Byzantine art. It can be somewhat difficult in this modern age to find an artist who transmits faith with both skill and evident spirituality, Theodoros clearly succeeds where many fail here. We highly recommend visiting his gallery to see some of the best modern religious art and iconography! To give you a foretaste of what some of his work looks like, below is one of his own, “Virgin Mary with Angels”.

Virgin Mary with Angels by Teopa
“Virgin Mary with Angels” by Teopa.
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Chris Newton
Chris was born into a charismatic evangelical family in Manchester, England. At the age of 18, he trained for ministry abroad by spending 2 years at a Bible college in California. Upon arrival back in England, he began to work in full-time evangelical ministry. However, at the age of 23, he converted to Catholicism and soon after started studying for a degree. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with friends and listen to Bob Marley.